💻 Circuito.io – an online rapid prototyping service on Arduino


Arduino is a company that creates single-board controllers and kits based on microcontrollers. And these kits come in a do-it-yourself form. The Arduino platform can be used by almost everyone since it is inexpensive and easy to use for both professionals and amateurs. But, despite the fact that the Arduino sets come in already assembled form, you can get bogged down in the search for ideas for a project or experiment.

The situation when there are no ideas is not so rare and sometimes leads young DIY artists to a stupor. Arduino supplies open source hardware and software but does not provide ideas that can be applied to it. This makes the sets useless.

In most cases, there is an understanding of the necessary components, but there is a problem of how to connect them. This is where the site circuito.io comes to the rescue. Imagine a platform that allows you to create the most interesting projects by simply selecting the components that you are going to use, connects them themselves and writes the basic code.

Circuito.io is an online prototype development tool for Arduino. The Circuito app instantly generates a mockup and code for your device. You just select the main component blocks, the entire connection and configuration process is taken over by the application.

Circuito.io has an intuitive interface that allows you to drag and drop various elements together using drag and drop. The work consists of three sections that must be passed before proceeding with the testing of the device. The first is the material specification (BoM – Bill of Materials), called DESIGN.

Here from the components available in the application, you select the ones you need. You select the components that are needed or over which you think they will be needed and go on. The next section (Wire – wire) is a tool that makes up the electrical circuit and adds all the necessary elements; at the exit, you get a well-marked electrical circuit.

Another very convenient feature of the service is the circuito.io platform interface that allows you to step through each component and help you in the process of creating the device. You are working not just with a static scheme, but you can move in different directions.

However, this is not all! After drawing up the scheme, the CODE section (program code) follows, which gives you a programming example for each component from the previous section. The platform will solve the problems of hundreds of users of Arduino sets, and with its help, it will become much easier to program your device, thanks to code examples for various components.

It turns out that the platform also serves as a learning tool for beginners. So, if you are stuck thinking about how a project based on Arduino sets can work, the circuito.io application may be just what you need.

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