New SCI-FI Adventure Kit Teaches You Advanced Coding And Circuit Skills in only 30 Days

New SCI-FI Adventure Kit Teaches You Advanced Coding And Circuit Skills in only 30 Days

"Cadet... Do you copy?...

Your shuttle is dead... I need you to use this repair kit to fix the broken electronics"

"Cadet... Do you copy?...

Your shuttle is dead... I need you to use this repair kit to fix the broken electronics"

– Incoming message from Austin Theo

Your Challenge,

I’m sorry to say it, but you seem to be stuck 100 feet underwater on some alien planet. No worries though, my team and I have dealt with this situation thousands of times.

I know this may sound overwhelming, but you need to learn to code and wire so you can fix your destroyed control panel.

While you’re at it, I detected a few other “minor ” repairs you will need to complete. Your solar panel is offline, the air ballast system has failed, your security systems aren’t working, and the worst problem of all, your entertainment system is down.

Again, nothing to stress out over, it’s all very fixable with the right tools and training. This repair kit has an excellent success rate and will walk you step by step through each repair mission.

It will take you exactly thirty days to repair your shuttle and I will guide you through all the steps necessary, from coding to wiring up your fancy new hardware setup. By the time you’re done you will have the coding and wiring skills to build your own project ideas from scratch!

You need to start with those dang lights, it’s kind of hard to fix complex systems if you can’t see them. Then we will work all the way to getting your shuttle out of the water and off this backward planet!

You’re going to learn a lot in only 30 days…

Your repair kit contains a credit card sized “computer” called a HERO board and it’s nothing like your ordinary computer. Unlike a normal computer – this one requires you write all the programs for it to work… oh and it can only run one program at a time. You will also have to wire up the circuits yourself if you want to add features like switches, LED’s, and motors. This type of programmable tech is called a microcontroller and it plays a huge role in the D.I.Y. maker community.
I know I made it sound awful – why would you ever use one of these? It’s actually perfect for building your own projects at home that require a little bit of tech! With it being so lightweight and simple makers are able to build cool projects such as smart homes or automated gardens. It runs on very low voltage and can even run off a small 9v battery. You’re going to use this board to repair your shuttle and fly back home. 
And when you’re done with your 30 day challenge you will have learned…
As Seen On

Your 30 Missions,

Problem-solve your way out of all the messy consequences from getting stranded on an alien planet. Every day we will be working together to get you off that unfamiliar planet and getting closer to your return home. I will challenge you, quiz you, reward you, and be there for you when you need help. It won’t be the easiest thing you’ve done but after this 30-day challenge, you will have the knowledge to build your own projects from scratch!
I don’t want to ruin the story we put together so here is a sneak peek into your training…
Mission 4: Lights For Your Ship
Mission 14: Security System Online
Mission 21: Your Launch Panel
Chapter 1: Getting you out of the darkness and into the cozy light. In this chapter you will learn how to use your HERO board and basic parts such as LED’s, resistors, the breadboard, and switches.

Chapter 2: Repair your damaged solar array and refuel your battery. In this chapter you will learn how to read data from your photoresistor and how to use a multi-colored LED.

Chapter 3: Locking down your ship with proper security systems and alarms. You will learn how to program and wire a keypad and a passive buzzer.

Chapter 4: Returning you back to the surface of the water and preparing you to get home. You will learn how to use a seven segment display and rotary encoder in these projects.

Chapter 5: Blast off… Wait – first we need to build you a working launch panel. This is where things get really fun and we add the OLED Display allowing you to have a mini monitor display for your control panel. Put everything together from the previous chapters and get ready to go into space.

Chapter 6: Defend your ship from incoming invaders and get home safely. In the final chapter you design your own mini game using the OLED screen and inputs. 
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Your Parts,

Your very own microcontroller that acts as a brain allowing you to automate and create your own projects
Your bundle of 10 LED’s and a RGB LED allowing you to tap into thousands of unique colors. 
Your wires, resistors, and a mini breadboard so that you don’t need to use hot solder to create circuits
Your own OLED screen so that you can display very important data directly from your HERO board
Your passive buzzer allowing you to create tones and melodies from your code on the HERO board 
Your 3 position dip switch so that you can more control over the components in your circuit
Your custom 4×4 keypad so that you can have a large input array for your circuits and programs
Your rotary encoder allowing you to read data from how much you have rotated the encoder pin
Your seven segment display allowing you to output data and can even feature as a digital clock

Your Requirements,

The only tool that you’re required to have is a laptop or computer with an available USB port to program the HERO board and an internet connection to access the training. No screwdrivers, electric drills, or sharp hand tools needed for this kit!

Bonus #1: 50+ Step-By-Step Projects Included FREE!!

On your very last day of the challenge, you’re going to confronted with a huge question… “What do I do next?
To start you can just look up “Arduino Projects” or “HERO projects” and get a search result with thousands of projects from the community to be able to build. You can scan through those until you find your next calling or you can check out our bonus E-Books.
I wanted to make sure you have something to work on when you’re done with your 30 day challenge so I included our three best selling E-Books for inspiration.
With over 50+ Step-By-Step projects and a ton of pages you will always have something to build or work on and you won’t need to worry what’s next.

Bonus #2: Invite to our Private Facebook Community

I learned a lot from our 30,000+ students that went through our previous training and I studied what made some of our students success and what made others fail. 
I found that members that were a part of our community had much higher chances of success and were able to get any of their code bugs solved by just a simple Facebook post. 
They were able to make friends, get help, join large group projects, and even speak with us directly on a daily basis.
You will get full access to our Private Facebook Community with over 20,000+ active members that share the same passion for hobbyist electronics.
This group is extremely valuable for those who want accountability and to make a few extra friends around the world.
I also often hold giveaways for free parts and even have a $300 3D Printer Giveaway going on right now!

Bonus #3: Electronics Fundamentals Video Course

For those who have never created a circuit before there is a lot that goes into it that we can’t see such as the electricity itself. You will get access to a 4 part mini series on top of your 30 Day Challenge that goes more in-depth on some of the basic concepts. 
In this free bonus training you will learn…

Hear Ken Cunningham’s Story

This 30 Day Challenge Is Different!

Your 30 Days Lost In Space Challenge is NOT just some fancy project list that promises you everything. 
It all starts with PROBLEM SOLVING… I didn’t want to just give you another long list of projects with no reason to complete them. So I designed it in a way that keeps you hooked into the story and always coming back for your next lesson. 
Next you get daily ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you going… When it comes to learning anything new it’s best you do daily bite sized bits of learning. 
And lastly I made sure to prove to you that you’re gaining KNOWLEDGE. I’ve added quizzes in every chapter so that you can easily reflect on how much you’re learning as you go through this challenge. 
It’s never a lack of having the right parts the problem is the lack of inspiring projects and accountability to get through the learning process!

This Challenge Is NOT For Everyone!

If you want to watch only two day’s of the challenge, and say “Thanks, Austin! That was some great info!
…but never actually do anything with it, that’s entirely up to you
(Chances are, nothing will actually change in your life… If that’s what you want to do, then this challenge is probably not for you).
If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do just a little bit of work for 30 days…
If you want to be trained daily by Alex, and have him PULL you in the right direction…
If you need a good hard PUSH from a coach who will hold you accountable, and make sure that you get these tasks DONE (no excuses!)…
Then I invite you to accept the ‘30 Days Lost In Space’ Challenge, get your shuttle built, and start creating momentum for your engineering future!

So What’s The Catch?

I’m doing this challenge because I KNOW that when you have success building projects with us, you’re more likely to continue to use our other kits to learn new things…

That’s it… that’s my “evil” ulterior motive – for you to have success and love our product so much that you need more. 

In fact, the $50 you spend barely covers the cost of printing and shipping the challenge kit to you.

Plus, I also pay our affiliates who refer people to this challenge for everyone they signup. Chances are you found out about this page from one of those affiliates.

And the few of you who signup without an affiliate telling you about this challenge, you probably found out about it because I paid for an ad on Facebook or Youtube to get you here.

Either way, I REALLY make very little, and often lose money for each person who joins this challenge.

So, why would I do this?

Because we have a very simple philosophy here at InventrKits… that is if we can’t deliver the results you expect then we don’t deserve any more of your business.

So our goal is to help you be successful!! Then hopefully you’ll choose to continue your training with the products and services that we offer.

Does that sound more than fair? 
* Complete All 30 Days To Earn Your HERO Certification *

What if you need a break from the content?

It’s okay! You have lifetime access to your course
If you need a break and or know you won’t be able to finish it within 30 days that is totally okay. You’re rewarded for completing the content regardless of the time frame you finish it in.

Whatever time frame works best for you is perfect but for best results try to complete at least 1 mission every 3 days.

Is There A Guarantee?

Of course… 🙂
I guarantee that if you participate in the challenge, show up to the daily missions, implement what you learn, by the time the challenge is done, you will be able to build your own project ideas and have a solid understanding of the core fundamentals of programmable circuits.
If for some reason you don’t feel like that is true, then you can send back your challenge kit within 30 days from the day it arrives at your house, and receive a full refund of $50.
Pretty simple.
But if you’re like most people, this experience will change the way you look at hobby kits (and for some of you, it’ll change your life!)

Your Offer,

Lifetime Access To Your 30 Video Missions and Tutorials
($97.00 Value)
Technical Support From Our Coaches During Your Adventure
($97.00 Value)
Learn Robotics At Home Tool Kit And Parts
($67.00 Value)
BONUS: HERO / Arduino Projects For Beginners [E-Book]
($19.97 Value)
BONUS: The 37 Best Starter Projects For Any Maker [E-Book]
($19.97 Value)
BONUS: 10 Weekend Projects For Engineers [E-Book]
($19.97 Value)
BONUS: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
($19.97 Value)
BONUS: FREE Shipping
($9.97 Value)
BONUS: Access to our private Facebook Training Group with over 22,008 active members!

Total Value: $351+

Your Price: $50

Your Price: $50

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No worries with your order today you get lifetime access to our training. There is no reward for completing this challenge within 30 days. You will be only rewarded for completion of all the content.

Each lesson should take anywhere between 30-60 minutes to complete. You can speed run it but you probably won’t learn as much. 

Yes! We also have resources available on our GitHub. The HERO is a derivative of “Arduino UNO R3 Reference design” we just changed up a few things to make it our own. If you’re curious about what goes into our HERO board we published the open source hardware files on our GitHub.

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