Adventure Kit 2 (Beta) FREE Parts Claim:

What is the Adventure Kit 2 FREE parts claim?

The beta kit version of the Adventure Kit 2 and the release version vary in components (ever so slightly). All the new parts that were added during the beta are FREE for you to claim. As a bonus for participating in our beta, you also get to keep any parts that were removed or modified during the beta for free as well. 

What changed between the versions?
We removed a couple things and added the following:

-USB Type C-Cable
-1.14 inch TTGO T-Display with ESP32 Wifi Bluetooth
-2.4 inch LCD TFT Touch Screen Display SPFD5408
-2x Soldered IIC I2C Logic Level Converter 5V to 3.3V
-Fixed PIR Motion Sensor (jumper wires soldered)
-Upgraded Relay

Claim form:

Is there a deadline to the claim period?

Yes, the claim period officially ended on June 1st, 2023.