• 🚥 Arduino and LED address strip WS2812B

    In this article, we will learn how to work with addressable LED RGB tape WS2812B. The tape consists of RGB pixels WS2812B in an LED 5050 package (t...
  • Arduino and GSM module SIM900A. How to flash and use?

    In this article, I will talk about working with the GSM-module SIM900A. With it, you can make automated calls and send messages in the same way. Also, it supports the GPRS protocol.
  • NRF24L01 - Connection to Arduino

    Many of you have probably heard about the remote control when everything is controlled at a great distance with a couple of simple taps. Pressed a button on the remote - and the light came on or your favorite robot clung to your feet.
  • Connection to PADI via UART interface

    The UART interface is one of the first external computer interfaces that was already used in the first self-assembled computers as a COM port (RS232, is still in use). It would be strange if PADI did not have at least one such interface, and it has as many as 3!
  • ☁️ DHT22 and Arduino – connection circuit

    The vast majority of beginner projects on the Arduino are in one way or another connected with obtaining environmental data, such as weather stations. Usually, they use ultra-cheap low-flow DHT11, which normally measures the only temperature, and humidity only indirectly depends on the environment. 
  • 💡 Automatic staircase lighting with Arduino

    In this post, I want to share with the Internet community about how I happened to make automatic lighting of the stairs in my two-story cottage. Ab...
  • 🌟 Writing in the air with LEDs

    Everyone probably knows about the effect of the resulting inscription or pattern when the bar is quickly moved, sometimes a disc with a strip of LE...
  • 📸 Photo flash control with Arduino controller

    In this project, we will explain how to control the flash using the Arduino controller. To control the flash will need a “hot shoe”, through which ...
  • ✨ Arduino and RGB 8x8 LED Matrix

    In this project, the author will show how you can connect a full-color 8x8 LED matrix to the Arduino. The matrix itself has 32 inputs: 8 anodes, 8 red cathodes, 8 green and 8 blue. At the same time to control the matrix will be involved only 3 outputs on the Arduino. There is no magic here, but there are 4 shift registers 74HC595.
  • 🔌 Digital Voltmeter on Arduino with PC connection via serial port

    This article shows how to connect Arduino and a PC and transfer data to the PC from the ADC. A Windows program written using Visual C ++ 2008 Express. The program of the voltmeter is very simple and has an extensive field for improvements. Its main purpose was to show the work with the COM port and the exchange of data between the computer and the Arduino.
  • 🌡 Temperature and humidity measurement on Arduino - a selection of methods

    To create a home weather station or thermometer, you need to learn how to match the Arduino board and devices for measuring temperature and humidity. Temperature measurement can be managed with a thermistor or a DS18B20 digital sensor, but more sophisticated devices are used to measure humidity — the DHT11 or DHT22 sensors. In this article, we will explain how to measure temperature and humidity with the help of Arduino and these sensors.
  • Raspberry Pi 4 - the processor is 3 times more powerful and up to 4 GB of RAM

    The Raspberry Pi Foundation has published the first specifications of the serial sample of the Raspberry Pi 4. The new single board computer has received a number of significant improvements, making the new model the most powerful in the Raspberry Pi lineup.