• πŸ“Ÿ Shift register 74HC595

    A shift register is a set of consecutive triggers (usually there are 8 of them). Unlike standard registers, shift supports the shift function to th...
  • 🌦 Do-it-yourself electronic barometer

    In this project, we will consider connecting the pressure sensor on the I2C interface to the Arduino controller and taking readings. Simply put, we...
  • πŸŽ› How to connect the digital potentiometer X9C102, X9C103, X9C104 to Arduino

    Consider the management of a digital potentiometer X9C (X9C102, X9C103, X9C503, X9C104) with the help of Arduino, as well as what areas of application this device may have. Let's use the ready module which costs less than 1 dollar.
  • ⚑️ How to connect the relay to Arduino

    The article describes such an electronic device as a relay, briefly explains the principles of its operation, and also discusses the connection of a module with a DC relay to an Arduino using the example of LED control.
  • 🌫 Air quality assessment with Arduino

    Every year with the development of technology increases the comfort of a person on Earth. Only such benefits can include not only the widespread use of smart devices but also the natural needs of man. For example, the need for clean air.
  • πŸ’» Arduino and Processing. How to control the microcontroller on the COM port. Bilateral communication

    I think it is necessary to write that I picked up the idea of the latest program from one programmer, Daniel Shiffman, who makes videos that are understandable even to children about programming in Processing (more than 140 visual tasks have been solved).
  • πŸ”Š How to connect the volume controller M62429 to Arduino

    Chip M62429 is designed to reduce the volume of sound in electrical circuits. The chip allows you to control simultaneously and independently two sound channels. The sound adjustment range is from 0 to βˆ’83 dB, i.e. the chip is able to attenuate the volume about 100,000 times.
  • πŸ’‘ RGB LED Piano Light

    Recently, I experimented a bit with LEDs and my Arduino controller. And I got a great idea - to make the backlight of the RGB LED tapes for the pi...
  • ⏰ Unusual watches from ping-pong balls

    The design, on which he stopped, uses 12 balls for each digit, after some experiments it turned out that this allowed us to get the clearest idea of the numbers.
  • πŸ“Ÿ Arduino Pro Micro review + scroller for Premire Pro!

    In this article, we will deal with the Arduino Pro Micro, find out its characteristics, applications, advantages over other boards, consider several projects with its use and will definitely create a project on it in the form of a scroller for video editors (or for many other tasks solved by a rotating control ).
  • πŸ“± LED control using Arduino, Bluetooth module and Android-smartphone

    A small project in which you will learn to control the LED using Arduino, Bluetooth and Android OS.
  • πŸ”‹ Li-ion 18650 batteries for beginners

    In this article, I will tell and show you how to use 18650 batteries in your projects.Β Why exactly they? Having a size slightly more than a AA battery, it has about 2500 mAh capacity, the possibility of multiple charging and a couple of amperes of current. You can buy themΒ by reference. In addition to the usual, there are high-current (20 amps), but theyΒ cost more.