💻 Selection of programs for makers (CAD, programming, DIY)

In this article, I will tell you about the programs that may be needed in the development process and a few words about them from personal experience. If you want to see a lesson or video on a specific program - write in the comments.

I'll start a selection with the classic Arduino IDE. Perhaps all of you have it, but did you know that it can build graphics? I also do not, so I advise you to get to know her better.

I recommend trying the program SFMonitor, which provides a convenient interface for plotting graphs and their settings.


An alternative to the Arduino IDE could be the platform.io extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

No programming experience? For such cases, there is an XOD visual development environment where you build algorithms from blocks and connecting lines.

I advise you to try blynk to quickly create devices managed from your phone. You will need a minimum of programming since blynk provides libraries with the necessary functions and settings.

For the creation of 3D models of cases and parts for your projects there tinkercad.

Some have a pre-installed 3d builder on windows 10. I can do simple models here.

For drawing color, visual schemes I recommend fritzing. It is regularly used for sketchy pictures for lessons.

I use easyeda to create diagrams and PCBs.

For the development of bulky and professional boards, Autodesk eagle is recommended.

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