💻 Arduino Simulator / Emulator - VirtualBreadBoard

💻 Arduino Simulator / Emulator - VirtualBreadBoard

Daniil Zhuk

Meet the new utility from Arduino, released in 2015, VirtualBreadBoard. The program is designed to simulate various Arduino devices. With its help, you can write code for electronic boards and test its performance directly on the emulator, without downloading it to the device itself.

If you need to write the text, set the algorithm of the LED, engine or any other actuating mechanism, then using VirtualBreadBoard is very easy to do.

And this is not all the advantages of the utility. With the help of a debugger and a set of components, you can simulate a device and check its performance. Finally, the developers of Arduino devices got what they lacked.

Now there is no need to use an experimental board to create new devices because VirtualBreadBoard can imitate the work of most microcontrollers and components of electronic boards on the Arduino platform.

The Arduino simulator is considered one of the most successful designers designed to design various electronic devices. Thanks to the unique programming language Processing, even users far from the subject of software development can use the development environment.

All created projects can work autonomously and are compatible with other software installed on the computer. All software created in Arduino 1.6.5 / VirtualBreadBoard is processed by the preprocessor and then compiled.

Arduino VirtualBreadBoard emulator includes:

  • compiler;
  • code editor;
  • I / O board;
  • software client;
  • module transfer firmware to the Arduino device.

The utility has a simple and intuitive interface, so finding the desired function is not difficult, and supports the Russian language. In addition, the creators are constantly updating the program, correcting errors and adding new features.

The official developer site of VirtualBreadBoard - http://www.virtualbreadboard.com/