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Day 1: Incoming Broadcast From InventrCorp Copy

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The year is 30XX, nearly 1000 years into the future. After contact with the extraterrestrial many years ago, Earth decided to join the ISA (Intergalactic Space Association) and form an alliance with all neighboring galaxies. The ISA is in charge of regulating trade and promoting peace between its members, almost like a governing body. After finally being able to save up the required funds for your first spaceship (albeit a used and older model), you take a job as an employee for the Association. Today you are starting your first mission……..

Beginning of Day 1 Story:

In Houston’s Voice – “3… 2…. 1…. ladies and gentlemen….. we have liftoff!” …….pause…….radio comes in…. “Pioneer <username>, do you copy? Good. Here’s your mission briefing: You are being sent to investigate an anonymous transmission being broadcasted from a moon in sector G-45. From the looks of it, it’s probably not up to the ISA’s (Intergalactic Space Association’s) standards of broadcasting frequencies. If nothing is found out of the ordinary, which is a possibility, you are to return back to Earth. Are we clear? ….. perfect. We shall await your return. Over and out.”

Narrator – After a couple days of venturing and investigating the broadcast from the moon, you confirm that the broadcast was in fact in the legal range for frequencies within that region, and decide to return home. Distracted by the slight annoyance of being given such a pointless mission, you ignore the “low fuel” notification that has been trying to get your attention, and take off before being able to recharge the engine. The ship begins looping around the foreign moon, and one by one, each major system fails, one after another. “POWER SYSTEMS LOW. DISENGAGING SOLAR THRUSTERS.” In a panic, you try to contact Earth to inform them, but are just a bit too late, as the Emergency Systems engage and disable most functions to save the last bit of remaining power. Shortly after……… you find yourself hurling down to the planet below the moon, only to awake inside of your quiet, nearly pitch black cabin at the bottom of what you can assume is the planet’s vast ocean. It’s quite obvious that a majority of the ship’s systems are offline, so you might be here a while. Especially without knowledge on how to fix them. 

Fortunately completely uninjured, you quickly come back to reality. You begin to look around and see a feint, but visible glow above a dusty old box, with a label “InventrCorp”  (An open source exploration company from the past, known for some pretty amazing community-built innovations still used today, actually) written on it. A mysterious inclination draws you to open it, pretty much defying logical reasoning given the situation and just trusting your intuition. Inside is a bunch of electronic components, dating from a while back. However, the most curious part was a note, faded quite a bit from the ages but you are able to make out “Upload Me” along with what looks like a device talked about in history books (It’s quite obviously a standard USB stick) that leaves you a bit confused labeled “Instructions”. You decide to try it. After plugging it in with it’s given adapter, you find a wide arrangement of ancient videos, and load video #1, “blink”, and follow the instructions.