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Day 2: It’s really dark in here… Copy


Narrator- After hitting the upload button and getting the code to execute successfully, as if almost in an instant, the board jumps to life.

HERO BOARD VOICE – “Uuugh, what time is it? How long has it been?”

Narrator – The board looks at you, pauses, then quickly realizes something…

Hero Board – “Hold on! You’re not my original owner! Who are you and how did you get in this ship!”

Narrator – You explain the situation to the best of your ability, although slightly confused yourself.

Hero Board – “So… that means it has been nearly 1000 years. Not surprising whatsoever this ship lasted so long, my previous owner was great with electronics. Well, allow me to introduce myself!”

Narrator – The board puts his newly grown arm to his chest, next to the LED you managed to get blinking.

Hero Board – “I am HERO AI (mk1) from InventrCorp! I have been offline for a long time, but my heart is beating nice and steady now, all thanks to you! But you can just call me “Hero!””

Narrator- You tilt your head slightly, still in a state of minor confusion.

Hero – “Well, I don’t really have a “heart” in the biological sense, but this LED status indicator is proof I’m back online! You have my gratitude.”

Narrator – His sincerity takes you by surprise, given the accusations just minutes ago.

Hero – “But anyway, it looks like you are in a bit of a pickle. I should inform you, my capabilities of a board are nearly boundless, just like the known limits to our universe.”

Narrator- Hero looks at you, and then points to some spare LED’s and a Breadboard.

Hero – “Haha, looks like I’ve got your attention! First of all, you won’t be able to accomplish anything without proper lighting. It’s so dark in here, so let’s fix that. Grab some of those components, we’re going to brighten it up a bit in here……”