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Post Lessons: Upgrade To The Arduino Simulator Drag & Draw

If this Arduino simulator course with 10 lessons suited you, you will certainly want to use a more advanced simulator with a whole lot of extra components and functions such as visually adding content to the simulation or simulating over a TCP wifi connection.

Get access to 20 lessons with videos for only $25 and simulate more advanced projects.


The simulator gives you numerous benefits

  • Get the ability to build your projects out anywhere at anytime
  • Unlocking the full true potential of your Arduino board
  • A live interface for you to interact with your Arduino board
  • It takes less money and time spent building your projects
  • Simulate projects through serial or WiFi TCP connection
  • Get a new approach to project planning


Get this list op simulable parts:

  • 14 LEDs (4 colors or relay, customizable)
  • 8 pushbuttons
  • Squarewave generator
  • Buzzer (Frequency adjustable)
  • Noise detection (microphone)
  • 3 sliders (analog)
  • 7-segment display
  • 6 analog meters (A0-A5)
  • 6 analog meters (PWM signals)
  • 2 relays
  • RGB Led with RGB sliders)
  • LCD display (16-2)
  • 2 Bargraphs
  • Tone melody
  • Sound generator (frequency adjustable)
  • 2 servo motors
  • 2 motors (left & right turning with PWM)
  • 1 Barrier (servo)
  • A DHT11 temperature sensor (temperature & humidity)
  • PIR motion detector
  • Motion detector (motion detection on webcam)
  • Number keypad 16 digits (4×4)
  • Stepper Motor 28 BYJ48
Leave a message in the comments if you have any question about this.