Simulation – 7-segment display

For this project we will simulate a parking lot with 9 available parking spots, the 7-segment display will show the amount of available places. The 2 LEDs will indicate the status of the parking availability. The steps are shown in the video above.

Select the used inputs and outputs on the simulator. In this case we use 2 LEDs (1 green and 1 red) on digital pins 10 and pin 13. There are 2 buttons connected on digital 8 and 9. The 7-segment display uses digital pins 0 to 6. The servo barrier is connected to digital pin 12. We use a potentiometer on analog pin A0 to dim the brightness of the 7-segment display internal LEDs. PWM pin 11 shows the brightness. Connect the Arduino with the COM port in the simulator and start simulating.

We will restore the settings that are saved from before to save some time.

Arduino code