Simulation – Blinking LED

Note: All the videos are recorded on a Mac but the software works the same way as on a Windows device.

For your first project we will simulate a blinking LED. The very first time you open the simulator you will have to install the libraries in the Arduino Simulator. The codes in the sketches remaining the same as the normal sketches but there are just a few things that will be added to the setup in order to communicate though the serial port.

Open the Arduino Simulator and go under Help -> Arduino programming code and choose the Arduino programming code (ino). This is an already prepared Arduino (ino) sketch that you can immediately start with.

Select IO

Select the used inputs and outputs on the simulator. In this case we use LED D13. Connect the Arduino with the COM port in the simulator and watch the simulation. The serial port on a Mac is different than on a Windows device. A Windows device will name it COM and a Mac will have something like dev/tty.usb…

Arduino code