Course Introduction
Windows (PC, laptop)
Mac (Apple only)
Lesson #1: Getting Started - Blinking LED
Lesson #2: Button with LED
Lesson #3: Potentiometer with LEDs
Lesson #4: Potentiometer with Servo
Lesson #5: 16x2 LCD display
Lesson #6: Password lock - 16x2 LCD Display with keypad
Lesson #7: DHT11 Temperature Sensor
Lesson #8: Binary Counting
Lesson #9: Scrolling LED
Lesson #10: Parking with 7-segment display
Lesson #11: Christmas Tree with LEDs
Lesson #12: RGB-LED with Potentiometers
Lesson #13: StepperMotor Control
Lesson #14: Steppermotor SpeedControl
Lesson #15: Motor Wheels
Lesson #16: Motion detection with 16x2 LCD Display
Lesson #17: Tone keyboard
Lesson #18: LED Dice
Lesson #19: Traffic light
Lesson #20: Keypad with 4 LEDs

Simulation – LED Dice

In this project we will make a LED dice with 6 LEDs. Each time you click the button the dice will do a loop and show the choice that is made by the random method. The steps are shown in the video above.

Select IO

Drag the 6 LEDs and a button in the work space. Select the digital pins 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 for each LED. The button uses digital pin 12. Connect the Arduino to the simulator and start the simulation.

Arduino code