Course Introduction
Windows (PC, laptop)
Mac (Apple only)
Lesson #1: Getting Started - Blinking LED
Lesson #2: Button with LED
Lesson #3: Potentiometer with LEDs
Lesson #4: Potentiometer with Servo
Lesson #5: 16x2 LCD display
Lesson #6: Password lock - 16x2 LCD Display with keypad
Lesson #7: DHT11 Temperature Sensor
Lesson #8: Binary Counting
Lesson #9: Scrolling LED
Lesson #10: Parking with 7-segment display
Lesson #11: Christmas Tree with LEDs
Lesson #12: RGB-LED with Potentiometers
Lesson #13: StepperMotor Control
Lesson #14: Steppermotor SpeedControl
Lesson #15: Motor Wheels
Lesson #16: Motion detection with 16x2 LCD Display
Lesson #17: Tone keyboard
Lesson #18: LED Dice
Lesson #19: Traffic light
Lesson #20: Keypad with 4 LEDs

Simulator Introduction

Welcome to the Course

Our goal for these lessons

In the next 20 lessons you will learn how to simulate projects and how you can simulate missing parts in your already built circuits. With the simulator you can simulate and operate your project in the software very quickly without having to build large circuits.

The lessons will mainly focus on simulating the projects and not on learning to code. Most of the videos where recorded on the older version where the instructions had to be changed, in the latest new software version it isn’t used anymore so the codes remain the same as you would code it as usual.

Every lesson has codes available.

Before the lessons start you will install the Arduino Simulator on your computer. There is a Windows and macOS version. If you use a Windows computer you can skip the macOS installation part and if you’re a macOS user you can skip the Windows installation part.

The user manual for Windows and macOS are available online.

More information about the Arduino simulator can be found here.

For further questions you can contact me on [email protected]