Course Introduction
Windows (PC, laptop)
Mac (Apple only)
Lesson #1: Getting Started - Blinking LED
Lesson #2: Button with LED
Lesson #3: Potentiometer with LEDs
Lesson #4: Potentiometer with Servo
Lesson #5: 16x2 LCD display
Lesson #6: Password lock - 16x2 LCD Display with keypad
Lesson #7: DHT11 Temperature Sensor
Lesson #8: Binary Counting
Lesson #9: Scrolling LED
Lesson #10: Parking with 7-segment display
Lesson #11: Christmas Tree with LEDs
Lesson #12: RGB-LED with Potentiometers
Lesson #13: StepperMotor Control
Lesson #14: Steppermotor SpeedControl
Lesson #15: Motor Wheels
Lesson #16: Motion detection with 16x2 LCD Display
Lesson #17: Tone keyboard
Lesson #18: LED Dice
Lesson #19: Traffic light
Lesson #20: Keypad with 4 LEDs

Software installation (macOS) – License activation

Installation for Mac

Download and install the latest version of the Arduino Simulator by clicking here.

More information about the installation process can be found here.

Download the Arduino Simulator and you will get a file called ‘Arduino Simulator 1.5 macOS’ in your Downloads folder. You will have 3 files in the folder, the user manual, a text file with installation information and the Arduino IO Simulator.

In order to let the simulator run, it must be placed into the Applications folder.

License activation 

Use this license key to activate the software:


Click on the ‘change product key’ button to enter the license key in. After adding you will see a button called ‘Activate’ to activate the license.