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Adventure Kit: Nebula Raider

Embark on an interstellar journey with the "Adventure Kit: Nebula Raiders," a thrilling STEM learning experience designed for aspiring engineers and adventurers. This hands-on course combines captivating storytelling with practical electronics and coding projects, guiding you through the challenges of life aboard the Nebula Raider spaceship.


Join Commander Orion and the crew as you tackle missions, from building communication systems to creating security alerts and managing power supplies. Each project integrates essential components like the Raspberry Pi Pico, sensors, and displays, teaching you valuable skills in programming, circuit design, and problem-solving.


Perfect for curious minds eager to explore the cosmos, "Adventure Kit: Nebula Raiders" promises an engaging, educational adventure that brings the excitement of space exploration to your fingertips. Sign up now and become a vital part of the Nebula Raiders crew!

Note: We recommend starting with the Python Introduction Course

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Full Parts List:

Raspberry Pi Pico WH Microcontroller

Resistors of various ohm values

1N4007 DIP

Reed Switch 2*14m

Tactile Push Button Switch

Small Micro Limit Switch 1A 125V AC

3386P-1-103 10K Precision Potentiometer

Slide switch SS12D00G2

5V Active Buzzer

5V Passive Buzzer

SRD-05VDC-SL-C Power Relay 5pin

(1pcs) 18mm Leg LED 5MM  Green

(1pcs) 18mm Leg LED 5MM Red

(1pcs) 18mm Leg LED 5MM  White

(1pcs) 18mm Leg LED 5MM  Blue

(1pcs) 18mm Leg LED 5MM  Yellow

LED RGB 5mm 4 Pins CC (1pcs)

104pf/0.1uf/100nf 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitors

5mm 5528 LDR Light Dependent Resistor,10LUX 10-20K

Thermistor Temperature Sensor NTC MF52-103 3435 10K ohm 5%

Infrared wireless remote controller 21 function buttons (No Battery)

1PCS IRM-3638T Integrated IR Receiver

Transistor S8050

Original TA6586

SW-520D Vibration Sensor Metal Ball Tilt Switch

10uf 50v Electrolytic Capacitors 5x11mm


74HC595N 8-Bit Shift Register DIP-16

12x12x7.3mm Tactile Push Button Switch Square

Square Cap for 12*12*7.3mm Square Tactile Switch NC146  (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)

DHT11 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor Module Blue

KY-023 PS2 Game JoyStick Module

5V HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor 4pin

Soldered Header 13.56Mhz MFRC-522 RC522 RFID + S50 Card + Keychain

LCD1602 IIC/I2C Blue Backlight

MPU-6050 Module GY-521 Module with Soldering

MPR121 Breakout V12 Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller Module I2C keyboard

Rain Water Level Detection Sensor Module

0.56 inch Red 1 Digit 7 Segment LED Display  10pinAC013  Common Cathode(CC)

Red 10 Segment LED Display

8x8 Red 64 LED Dot Matrix Displays 3mm CA (80mcd Size: 32*32mm)

0.56 inch Red 4 Digit 7 Segment LED Display CC   12pin

8-bit WS2812 5050 RGB LED Built-in full-color driver development board Blackboard

3V DC Motor with Wire

Servo SG90 9g 180 Degree (Torque: 1.6KG)

4*4 Membrane Switch Matrix Keypad

830 Points Solder less Breadboard

Three-leaf Fan

20Pin 24AWG Male to Female Dupont Line 20cm

140pcs U Shape Shield Breadboard Jumper Wires Grade A

65pcs Flexible Breadboard Jumper Wires

1.64FT Micro USB Cable 0.5m

Plastic box (22.5x18x5.7cm)