Adventure Kit: Nebula Raiders (backorder)

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Learn MicroPython and Circuit Design with the new Adventure Kit: Nebula Raiders

1 Month Long Experience Onboard The Nebula Raider

Over the 30-day journey aboard the Nebula Raider, you will be immersed in exciting and hands-on STEM projects that combine coding, electronics, and space exploration. Starting with basic tasks such as repairing the ship’s communication and environmental systems, you will use the Raspberry Pi Pico, various sensors, and displays to ensure the ship operates smoothly. You'll build essential devices like emergency beacons, motion detectors, and cargo management systems, all while enhancing your skills in MicroPython and circuit design.

A Complete Kit With 
272 Individual Parts

As you progress, you'll tackle more complex challenges like developing games for the crew, setting up security systems, and creating automated solutions for the ship’s green room. These projects will require integrating multiple components, such as servo motors, RFID readers, and ultrasonic sensors, to build functional and interactive systems. You'll also learn to harness the power of AI with ChatGPT, creating interactive coding tools and games that add a unique twist to your learning experience.

Learn How To Use AI To Build And Troubleshoot Projects

Each task not only hones your technical skills but also prepares you for the ultimate goal: taking command of the Nebula Raider. By the end of this thrilling 30-day course, you will have transformed from a novice cadet into a confident commander, ready to lead your crew through the challenges of space exploration.


1.Raspberry Pi Pico WH Microcontroller + USB

2. Resistors of various ohm values

3. 1N4007 DIP

4. Reed Switch 2*14m

5. Tactile Push Button Switch

6. Small Micro Limit Switch 1A 125V AC

7. 3386P-1-103 10K Precision Potentiometer

8. Slide switch SS12D00G2

9. 5V Active Buzzer

10. 5V Passive Buzzer

11. SRD-05VDC-SL-C Power Relay 5pin

12. 18mm Leg LED 5MM (6pcs)

13. 830 Points Solderless Breadboard

14. Three-leaf Fan

15. 20Pin 24AWG Male to Female Dupont Line 20cm

16. 140pcs U Shape Shield Breadboard Jumper Wires

17. 65pcs Flexible Breadboard Jumper Wires

18. 104pf/0.1uf/100nf 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitors

19. 5mm 5528 LDR Light Dependent Resistor, 10LUX 10-20K

20. Thermistor Temperature Sensor NTC MF52-103 3435 10K ohm 5%

21. Infrared wireless remote controller 21 function buttons (No Battery)

22. 1PCS IRM-3638T Integrated IR Receiver

23. Transistor S8050

24. Original TA6586

25. SW-520D Vibration Sensor Metal Ball Tilt Switch

26. 10uf 50v Electrolytic Capacitors 5x11mm

27. 74HC595N 8-Bit Shift Register DIP-16

28. 12x12x7.3mm Tactile Push Button Switch Square

29. Square Cap for 12*12*7.3mm Square Tactile Switch NC146 (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)

30. DHT11 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

31. HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor Module Blue

32. KY-023 PS2 Game Joystick Module

33. 5V HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor 4pin

34. Soldered Header 13.56Mhz MFRC-522 RC522 RFID + S50 Card + Keychain

35. LCD1602 IIC/I2C Blue Backlight

36. MPU-6050 Module GY-521 Module with Soldering

37. MPR121 Breakout V12 Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller Module I2C keyboard

38. Rain Water Level Detection Sensor Module

40. Red 10 Segment LED Display

41. 8x8 Red 64 LED Dot Matrix Displays 3mm CA (80mcd Size: 32*32mm)

42. 0.56 inch Red 4 Digit 7 Segment LED Display CC 12pin

43. 8-bit WS2812 5050 RGB LED Built-in full-color driver development board Blackboard

44. 3V DC Motor with Wire

45. Servo SG90 9g 180 Degree (Torque: 1.6KG)

46. 4*4 Membrane Switch Matrix Keypad

Action packed. Every day.

Join the crew of the Nebula Raider as a new cadet, embarking on an epic journey through the cosmos. Learn to master advanced technology and overcome challenges with hands-on projects, becoming a key part of the ship's adventures.

As the newest member of the Nebula Raider, your first mission is crucial to the ship's survival. The communication system has failed, and without it, the crew is vulnerable to ambushes and unable to coordinate with the fleet. It's up to you to repair the system and restore communication.

Action continues as a rival pirate crew has attempted to infiltrate the Nebula Raider, compromising the ship's security. Commander Orion has tasked you with enhancing the ship's security systems to prevent any further breaches. Using your technical prowess, you must create an alert system that detects unauthorized access and keeps the crew safe from future threats.

The Nebula Raider thrives not only on the skills of its individual crew members but also on the strength of their unity and cooperation. In this chapter, you will collaborate with your fellow cadets to build systems that enhance communication and efficiency on the ship. Together, you'll create tools that support the community spirit and ensure the ship operates smoothly and harmoniously.

As the Nebula Raider ventures deeper into uncharted space, the challenges become more complex and demanding. To ensure the ship's systems are operating at peak efficiency, Commander Orion has decided to integrate advanced artificial intelligence into the ship's operations. In this chapter, you will learn to harness the power of AI to automate tasks and analyze data. By the end of this chapter, you will have transformed the Nebula Raider into a smarter, more responsive ship, capable of handling the unknown dangers of the cosmos.

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