7 Day Digital Story-Telling Experience Led By A Team Of Professional Nerds.
Learn basic circuits and coding skills by repairing your spaceship.

So it looks like you found yourself in a tough situation. Stuck.. Somewhere underwater.. On Some planet.. In an outdated spaceship..

And it sounds like you're going to need to learn how to rewire your control panel and reprogram your computer.

Your first step is to bring the brains of your control panel back to life. Blinking your first LED within minutes of beginning your adventure.

Over 7 days you will continue to solve more problems around your damaged shuttle using different components and new syntax. Learning valuable maker skillsets along the way.

Your Digital Repair Kit

Based on our best selling kit that has more than 100,000 students just like you. We know this challenge works so we made a mini digital version and are giving it away completely free.

(normally we charge $100+ for access)

Embark on a Spaceship Repair & Coding Quest.

Learn how to build a controls system that is alive with inputs and outputs similar to modern day factories. Day 1 you get right into the value by learning how to blink your first LED.

Code the brain of your control panel so it can understand how to handle these inputs and outputs. Using C++ which is one of the most popular coding languages in the world.

Your Rescue Team Of Top Level Talent


Alex And David

Dr. Lyzenga

Your friendly shuttle AI that knows the ship schematics inside and out. Astrid will be teaching you all the basic concepts you need to know about programming and circuits

David, Retired Apple Developer and legendary maker who wrote the code for your adventure using industry standard best practices alongside Alex, the co-founder of inventr.io

Dr. Lyzenga our life long college professor and scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. The powerful mind behind your circuits and making sure you have the best chance of survival.

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