Adventure Kit 30 Days Lost in Space

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Your Challenge Over The Next 30 Days:


We’re sorry to say it, but you seem to have crashed on some alien planet. Did you not see it on your radar? Whelp no worries, we’ve dealt with this situation thousands of times.


We know this may sound overwhelming, but you need to learn to code and wire so you can fix your destroyed control panel.

While you’re at it, we detected a few other “minor ” repairs you will need to complete. Your solar panel is offline, the air ballast system has failed, your security systems aren’t working, and the worst problem of all, your entertainment system is down.


Again, nothing to stress out over, it’s all fixable with the right tools and training. This repair kit has an excellent success rate and will walk you step by step through each repair mission.

It will take you exactly thirty days to repair your shuttle and we will guide you through all the steps necessary, from coding to wiring up your fancy new hardware setup.


Starting with those silly lights, it’s kind of hard to fix complex systems if you can’t see them. Then we will work all the way to getting your shuttle out of the water and off this backward planet!


Everything Inside Your Repair Kit...

The tools that you will be learning how to use while repairing your spaceship...

Your bundle of 10 LED’s and a RGB LED allowing you to choose between thousands of unique colors to display. 

Your very own computer programmable brain!! Well really its just a microcontroller. We’re going to program this credit card sized device to help us with our repairs. It will automate the tasks that would take forever doing by hand making our lives a bit easier. 

Your wires, resistors, and a mini breadboard. These tools allow us to build projects without needing to solder parts together. 

Your OLED display allowing you to display data and text from the HERO board. This will be incredibly handy when we get to repairing the ships control panel. 

Your passive buzzer allowing you to create tones and melodies from your code on the HERO board. 

Your 3 position DIP switch so that you gain even more control over the components in your circuits.

Your custom 4×4 keypad so that you can have a large input array with many different use cases. This comes in handy when we start repairs on your ships security system.

Your rotary encoder allowing you to read data from how much you have rotated the encoder pin. 

Your seven segment display allowing you to output data up to 4 digits. This format makes it great for digital clocks.

Your Upcoming Missions (Required For Survival)

Getting you out of the darkness and into the cozy light. In the first few days you will learn how to use your HERO board and basic circuit components such as LED’s, resistors, the breadboard, and switches.

Next you need to repair your damaged solar array and refuel your battery. In this chapter you will learn how to read data from your photoresistor and how to use a multi-colored LED.

You’ll need to lock down your ship with proper security systems and alarms. You will learn how to program and wire a keypad and a passive buzzer.

Returning you back to the surface of the water and preparing you to get home. You will learn how to use a seven segment display and rotary encoder in these projects. 


Blast off… Wait – first we need to build you a working launch panel. This is where things get really fun and we add the OLED Display allowing you to have a mini monitor display for your control panel. Put everything together from the previous chapters and get ready to go into space.

We Hired A Team Of Experts To Teach You

Meet Astrid,

Your Helpful AI Assistant

Allow me to introduce you to a remarkable individual who is about to become our beacon of hope and salvation. 


Astrid brings with her a wealth of knowledge and a determination that knows no bounds. Astrid’s unwavering commitment to the mission at hand is matched only by her boundless compassion for those she seeks to save.

Your Circuits Professor,
Your Hardware Engineer

(from NASA)

Dr. Greg Lyzenga (when he’s not performing live-saving missions) is normally found teaching college classes at Harvey Mudd. 

Along with that Dr. Lyzenga is often seen working with his fellow scientists at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 

Being an avid astronomer, rocket enthusiast, programmer, and a lifelong professor – we knew he would be your best shot at repairing your shuttle and having a successful return home.

Your Coding Mentors,

(Apple & Inventr)

Meet Alex and David. These two are the talented developers that will teach you how to program your control panel back to life.

David is among the best coders in the world. He’s a retired apple engineer that joined in because of his love for building cool projects.

And Alex, who is the cofounder of (a really cool company).

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