Our Mission, Vision, and Principles.

Here's a quick list of what's most important to us

Vision (Where do we want to go?)

A community focused open source educational resource for learning hardware engineering and automation accessible to anyone on the internet using lesson plans focused on student results that improve intentionally based on student feedback.

Mission (How do we plan to get there?)

We need to curate the best open source parts we can find and compile them into a financially reasonable and simple kit. 

We need to build a community that is rewarded for contribution and aligned on the same goal of student results. 

We must provide teachers with the best tool for sharing lesson plans and getting feedback from students / other teachers.

We must identify and solve problems or roadblocks in our newly created learning process.

Principles (What fundamental beliefs is our philosophy and worldview built on?)

Creative Freedom

Creators can only think to the limit of their creativity. We must encourage and push the creative wall in ourselves and others. 


Fail Fast

Inventing is a game of fail... fail…. Fail…. boom big win.... We must push past any failures and take lessons from them. Failure is key to the testing process.


Student Results 

May the best product win


Unfiltered Brutal Truth

Feelings, rank, politics NEVER have priority over truth and what’s right.


Honor Great Makers

We must honor great inventions and great creators.


Less is more

If we are doing it in 5 steps can we do it in 3?


Proactive problem solving

When we hit problems we do not put our hands up - we find a solution


Laser Ninja Dinosaur Focus

Do not take your eye off the target. Keep the main thing the main thing. Student Results Learning Open Source Embedded Systems And Robotics.