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This kit includes extra sensors and outputs that work with the HERO board. 

[KY-023] Joystick
[KY-026] Flame Sensor
[KY-016] RGB LED
[KY-039] Heartbeat Sensor
[KY-027] Light Cup
[KY-003] Hall Magnetic Sensor
[KY-019] Relay
[KY-024] Linear Hall
[KY-009] SMD RGB
[KY-017] Tilt Switch
[KY-001] Temp
[KY-037] Big Sound Sensor
[KY-036] Touch Sensor
[KY-011] Two Color LED
[KY-008] Laser
[KY-020] Ball Switch
[KY-038] Small Sound Sensor
[KY-028] Digital Temp
[KY-004] Button
[KY-018] Photoresistor
[KY-033] Tracking
[KY-012] Buzzer
[KY-025] Reed switch
[KY-002] Shock Sensor
[KY-015] Temp and Humidity Sensor
[KY-022] IR Receiver
[KY-032] Avoidance Tracking
[KY-040] Rotary Encoder
[KY-031] Tap Sensor
[KY-029] Mini Two Color LED
[KY-010] Light Blocking
[KY-035] Analog Hall Sensor
[KY-005] IR Emission
[KY-006] Passive Buzzer
[KY-021] Mini Reed
[KY-013] Analog Temp
[KY-034] 7 Color Flash

37 in 1 Sensor Kit
$45.00 $70.00

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