HERO Starter Kit (Adventure Kit - Cogsworth City)

Sale price$19.97

This is the perfect starter kit for any beginner. Your kit includes our top 3 selling E-Books, Video Lessons, and access to our instructors if you get stuck. We make sure not only to get you the best components but it is also our responsibility to actually teach you how to use the components in the kit.

What is included: 

1 × HERO R3
20× Male to Male Dupont cable
1 × USB cable
1 × 400 holes Breadboard
5 × 3 colors of LED lights(random)
10× Resistor 220ohm
10× Resistor 1K
10× Resistor 10K
10× Resistor 100K
2 × Photoresistor 5516
6 × Button(with the mixed color caps)

1 × 9V Battery Connector
40PIN × 2.54mm Pin


HERO For Beginners E-Book ($10 Value)

Weekend Projects For Engineers E-Book ($10 Value)

37 Projects For Beginners E-Book ($20 Value)


The HERO is a derivative of “Arduino UNO R3 Reference design” we just changed up a few things to make it our own. If you’re curious about what goes into our HERO board we published the open-source hardware files on our GitHub.