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Alvik simplifies coding and complex robot projects, enabling users of all levels to immerse themselves in the exciting world of programming and robotics. It’s also a cross-discipline tool that bridges the gap between education and the future of robotics with CSTA and NGSS-Aligned free courses. This innovative and versatile robot makes learning and creating more accessible and fun than ever before.

Key benefits include:

  • Start programming in no time: Powered by the versatile Nano ESP32, Alvik streamlines the learning curve in robotics with its comprehensive programming suite that includes MicroPython and Arduino language. Designed to accommodate users of all skill levels, Alvik soon plans to introduce block-based coding, further enhancing accessibility for younger students and providing an engaging entry point into robotics design.
  • Unlock robotic potential with multiple integrated sensors: Alvik’s Time of Flight, RGB color and line-following array sensors, along with its 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, allow users to tackle a range of innovative, real-world projects. From an obstacle avoidance robot to a smart warehouse automation robot car, the possibilities are endless!
  • Design your own experience by expanding Alvik’s capabilities: Alvik comes equipped with LEGO® Technic™ connectors, allowing users to personalize the robot and expand its capabilities. Additionally, it features M3 screw connectors for custom 3D or laser-cutter designs.
  • Amplify Alvik’s flexibility for dynamic movement: The Servo, I2C Grove, and I2C Qwiic connectors allow users to expand Alvik’s potential and take robotics projects to a whole new level. Add motors for controlling movement and robotic arms, or integrate extra sensors for data collection and analysis – the choice is yours. 

Other Features

Its small yet mighty design allows learners to bring imaginative ideas into reality, starting from your first ever line of code to the most complex technological developments. Alvik’s pocket-size build makes it an ideal companion for various learning environments, whether that’s in a classroom, makerspace, home, or even in your garage.

Alvik’s rechargeable and easy-to-replace battery ensures continuous learning sessions and uninterrupted creation experience. Replaceable batteries can also extend the overall lifespan of the robot, reducing the need to replace the entire unit when the original batteries degrade over time and saving costs.

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CSTA and NGSS-Aligned Curriculum

Alvik comes with project-based learning lessons and activities with MicroPython language which encourage students and innovators to explore technology through hands-on collaboration, preparing them for real-world challenges. 

The content includes getting started, hardware, software, and real-life use activities. The content includes getting started, hardware, software, and real-life use activities. These activities are designed to build learners' critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

Explore Robotics and MicroPython

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Tech specs

Alvik main controller Arduino Nano ESP32:
  • 8 MB of RAM
  • u-blox® NORA-W106 (ESP32-S3)
  • Processor up to 240 MHz
  • ROM 384 kB + SRAM 512 kB 
  • 16 MB External FLASH
Alvik on-board Core STM32 Arm® Cortex®-M4 32 Bit
Power supply Nano ESP-32 USB-C® rechargeable and replaceable 18650 Li-Ion battery (included)
Programming language MicroPython, Arduino & *block-based programming
Connectivity Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® LE
Inputs Time of Flight Distance Sensor - up to 350 cm
RGB Color Sensor
6-axis Gyroscope-Accelerometer
Line follower Array (x3)
Touchable Buttons (x7)
Outputs 2x RGB LEDs
6V Motors - No- load speed 96 rpm, No- load current 70 mA
Extensions LEGO® Technic™ connectors (x4)
M3 screw connectors (x8)
Servo motor
I2C Grove
I2C Qwiic

*block-based programming will be supported soon.