Adventure Kit: 30 Days Lost in Space


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1 $50.00
2 - 3 $45.00
4 - 7 $42.50
8 - 15 $40.00
16+ $35.00

“Cadet… Do you copy?… Your Ship Is Dead…”

New SCI-FI Adventure Kit Teaches You Advanced Coding And Circuit Skills in only 30 Days

Your Challenge,

We’re sorry to say it, but you seem to be stuck 100 feet underwater on some alien planet. No worries though, we’ve dealt with this situation thousands of times.

We know this may sound overwhelming, but you need to learn to code and wire so you can fix your destroyed control panel.

While you’re at it, we detected a few other “minor ” repairs you will need to complete. Your solar panel is offline, the air ballast system has failed, your security systems aren’t working, and the worst problem of all, your entertainment system is down.

Again, nothing to stress out over, it’s all fixable with the right tools and training. This repair kit has an excellent success rate and will walk you step by step through each repair mission.

It will take you exactly thirty days to repair your shuttle and we will guide you through all the steps necessary, from coding to wiring up your fancy new hardware setup.

Starting with those dang lights, it’s kind of hard to fix complex systems if you can’t see them. Then we will work all the way to getting your shuttle out of the water and off this backward planet!

30 Lessons. 30 Missions. 30 Days.

Your Parts,

Your Missions,

Problem-solve your way out of all the messy consequences of getting stranded on an alien planet. Every day we will be working together to get you off that unfamiliar planet and getting closer to your return home. We will challenge you, quiz you, reward you, and be there for you when you need help. It won’t be the easiest thing you’ve done but after this 30-day challenge, you will have the knowledge to build your own projects from scratch!



Chapter 1: Getting You Out Of The Darkness

Chapter 2: Repair Your Broken Solar Array

Chapter 3: Shuttle Security Essentials

Chapter 4: Back To The Surface

Chapter 5: Getting You Into Orbit

Chapter 6: Defend The Ship



Your Requirements,

The only tool that we require you to have is a laptop or computer to program the HERO board and an internet connection to access the challenge. No screwdrivers, electric drills, or sharp hand tools needed for this kit!

Your Bonuses,

We’re tossing in three of our top e-books on how to build more projects with your HERO board. This adds an additional 50+ projects and a ton of fun! We also included a mini crash course so you can get caught up on the technical terms we use like Amperage, Voltage, and Wattage.

Your Offer,


Where do you currently ship to?

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and France.

 What is the HERO Kit?
The HERO is a development board that you can program to create… well.. basically anything! With the right sensors and a few hours of late night coding (and coffee) you can turn any at home project into an at home masterpiece. With projects ranging from beginner (no experience at all) to expert (Controls Engineers / EE / CPE) you can easily get started. But the best things come to those who experiment with new projects that haven’t been published yet.
 How do I get the training?
When your kit arrives at your door there will be a link on the inside of the kit giving you access to your training and bonuses!
 How long does it take for my kit to arrive?
Due to high demand please allow 3 days for your product to enter shipping. If you are inside the United States we use 1-3 Day USPS First Class Shipping. If you are outside the United States expect 10-21 days for your product to arrive.
 What ages is this kit for?
Since the kit includes smaller parts which can be a choking hazard for younger ages so we recommend this kit for anyone ages 12+. We try to make robotics as simple as possible but this is still something that can be a very complex subject!
 Do you take PayPal?
Yes, currently we work closely with PayPal on their merchant program to integrate our checkout system with theirs. You will see an option to use their checkout when you go to submit your order.
 Can I see the schematic?
Yes! We also have resources available on our GitHub. The HERO is a derivative of “Arduino UNO R3 Reference design” we just changed up a few things to make it our own. If you’re curious about what goes into our HERO board we published the open source hardware files on our GitHub.
 How many hours per day do I need to complete the training?
Our training easy to follow, however, this can be a downfall… if you just get in and rush through projects (copy and paste code) you won’t truly learn. You can complete most projects in the beginner training in 30-60 minutes each. Take your time to explore the training and think of each lesson as a new mental tool you can use in your maker toolkit. Once you learn how to make LED’s blink feel free to venture and create your own alternative to the main lesson – curiosity is the best teacher!  Don’t stress about how many hours are optimal just work at your own comfortable pace and explore your own paths :).



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