Why is this important in 2024? Because we're not just on the brink of a tech revolution – we're in free fall, plummeting into a future where code is the gravity holding everything together. AI, IoT, smart cities – these aren't just buzzwords, they're the building blocks of our brave new world, and they all speak the language of code.


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These guys are awesome, I've bought many kits now including the lost in space and kit 2 and I genuinely appreciate the support and teaching, it makes the process easier. The community behind these kits and the educator support is also great 👍, great job guys keep up the fine work and fun. Shout out to Chaz awesome job

kevin henning

This has been such a blast! I’m an older user who decided to try something new and different and this did not disappoint! Had some small use of some other arduino type products, this was far better and I feel that I’ve really picked up a lot of new skills along the way. Marvellous time now can’t wait for the next adventure.

ali westerman

A Construction worker whom is nearly 40, this has open my eyes to a whole new world i wish i knew about when i was in high school. This is a fun kit. I recommend it for anyone who is starting out, especially kids.

Maurice Sonnemaker

I have wanted to learn these skills for years and felt very blocked and gates closed. The learning kits provide everything needed. The lessons are delightfully fun. I am so so grateful and enjoying the journey. I've also repaired my home thermostat and I'm working on a humidity sensor for my greenhouse.. all projects I now have confidence to do because of InventrKits.

Tanya Bils

Fast Shipping, Excellent Hardware Quality. The lessons are fun, and there's lots of support if you get stuck. That said, it takes some effort on your part. Well worth the time and modest cost.

Barry Sylvester

The adventure kits are very value rich. The lessons that come along with them are fun and engaging, with an overall theme that doesn't make it feel like a slog. You can take the lessons at your own pace, and the material is very easy to follow. I'd highly recommend an adventure kit for anybody, from the novice just wanting to give it a try to an advanced user wanting a fun way to kill time

Darrell Milstead


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